Welcome to the Future Text Lab, where we look at what it will be like to work with text in richly interactive and immersive augmented (VR/AR/XR) environments, both with what can be implemented today and what can become realised in the distant future, while keeping integration with traditional systems.

Monthly Guest Speaker Series

We feature a Guest Speaker every month in an open forum. The inaugural speaker was Barbara Tversky who was followed by Jad Esber. Upcoming speakers include  Jamie Joyce and Brandel Zachernuk.The full Monthly Guest Speaker session, including dialogue, is available on video.

Email us if you would like to attend and you can Add The Monthly Presentations to your Calendar if you like.


The full transcript of the Monthly Guest Speaker presentations is included in our monthly Journal which is published as part of the annual Future of Text series of books, and is available for download for free from the same website: ‘The Future of Text‘.


The Future Text Lab meets twice a week in addition to the monthly Guest Speaker presentations and our annual Symposium which we have run for a decade.


We feel strongly that as we move through increasingly large and complex information environments we will need greater agility to thrive and not be overwhelmed, manipulated or disconnected. Interacting with your knowledge should be as immersive and engaging as playing a great game, dancing, painting or flying…

We feel the future will be multidimensional and multi-device, with much important work left to do for tradition interfaces, such as computers and smartphones, as well as in VR, which we believe will be a hugely important dimension to our work.


Investigators also work on exploratory interaction demos and enabling infrastructures, including what we call Visual-Meta to enable even flat and frozen PDF documents to carry useful metadata into augmented environments.


The Future Text Lab is sponsored by The Augmented Text Company, makers of the highly rated ‘Author’ word processor and the PDF reader ‘Reader’: www.augmentedtext.info

[note: The director of the Future Text Lab, Frode Hegland, is also the CEO of The Augmented Text Company, in whose name he donates time, technical testing and both the development of Visual-Meta and the .liquid format]

If you are interested in sponsoring this work, please get in touch.

The Future Lab Team