17 April 2024


Demo: https://code.futuretextlab.info/andrew/alpha41624/

Pointer Rework: The pointer mechanics have been drastically overhauled and may need getting used to. Rotation of the hand no longer affects the direction of the pointer, instead, it is based on the initial direction the headset is facing when first initiating the point gesture. From there on, the pointer moves relative to the hand movement. The new system is dramatically smoother, and responds almost instantly without the ‘elastic’ smoothing from the old system. Motion smoothing steps have been reduced from 30 to 3. 
This new system is somewhat similar to the default Quest controls, but still less restrictive since we want full 360 potential.

Troika Text Optimization: The text display system has been heavily optimized, and we can now comfortably have large amounts of text visible at once without significant frame drops. Minor lag may still be somewhat noticeable when working with large reference pages (75+ citation lines).

Debug Arrow: To better visualize the new pointer system, the debug mode has a more pronounced arrow.

Work in Progress: The workspace save/load system has been updated to support many of the changes made this week and last, but still has some significant issues to work out. This is still under development.