Brandel Zachernuk

Brandel explores the expressive opportunities for immersive computing in what may appear to be the most mundane use case – reading and writing – in order to provide the greatest benefit to computing and the world. He strives to apply principles of modern cognitive science to system design, particularly Embodied Cognition and Extended Mind Theory. 

Brandel has been working in web software for over 20 years with a special focus on novel input-output devices and interactive/realtime graphics. He has worked on interactive advertising destinations for clients like Magic Leap, EA Sports, Playstation and Apple. 

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In he said:

“Something that I’ve been very passionate about trying to investigate and play with over the last 10 years or so is what is the most pedestrian thing that you can do with virtual reality and a technology that was was word processing was reading and reading and thinking about what are the basic building blocks of that process of writing and reading that can fundamentally be changed by buying virtual reality? Realizing that if you don’t have a screen, you have the ability for information to mean what it means for your purposes, rather than the technical limitations that apply as a consequence of a mouse or keyboard or things like that, and also deeply invested in understanding some of the emerging cognitive science and and neurophysiological sort of views about what it is that the mind is and the way that we work best.
So reading about learning about what people call for in cognition, it’s embedded, embodied in active and extended mind and how that might pertain to what we should be doing with software and systems, both as well as hardware if necessary to make it so that we can. We can think properly and express properly and stuff.”

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