Chat : 18 Feb 2021

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17:13:38 From Frode Hegland : Everything you three are doing in VR at this point is web based so the brand of headset should not matter right?
17:14:24 From Brandel Zachernuk : This window manager is not a web-based application, it’s native
17:14:35 From Frode Hegland : ok
17:15:03 From Fabien Benetou :
17:16:55 From Fabien Benetou :
17:19:03 From Fabien Benetou :
17:19:24 From Fabien Benetou : sorry proper link
17:25:00 From Brandel Zachernuk :
17:26:31 From Fabien Benetou :
17:32:28 From Frode Hegland : Herman Miller of course
17:37:14 From Peter Wasilko :
17:44:24 From Brandel Zachernuk : Not going camera off out of disinterest – getting a drink!
17:47:08 From Adam Wern : I remember childhood informational posters on the walls that you learned by heart just by looking every day
17:47:20 From Frode Hegland : Adam yes lovely
17:48:02 From Frode Hegland : What about printed notes to put on a wall, then in VR we can connect and make extra dimensions but keep it always visible if desired. Maybe special physical tokens or special walls dedicated to time etc?
17:51:56 From Peter Wasilko : Thomas Colcombet. — maintains the knowledge LaTeX package. We might want to invite him to participate in our group.
17:52:22 From Peter Wasilko : He just pushed out a new update to Knowledge.
17:52:29 From Frode Hegland : Yes, interesting Peter
17:52:51 From Frode Hegland To Peter Wasilko(privately) : And please tell me how to send the money for Oculus. You need one and your work deserves one
17:53:06 From Peter Wasilko : Ah perfect for Ambient Displays.
18:00:42 From Peter Wasilko : Does anyone remember the old Perspective Wall visualizations from PARC if memory serves?
18:01:03 From Frode Hegland : A VERY different 3D on 2D. Crucial to move around, can’t wave a paper in 3D room.
18:02:09 From Frode Hegland : Also here:
18:02:55 From Adam Wern :
18:09:42 From Peter Wasilko : I’d like to fade the mural to .33 opacity to call out the dates more strongly.
18:10:28 From Brandel Zachernuk : People also use outer glows or drop shadows to allow flat colors to be differentiable, Signed Distance Field (SDF) rendering makes that effectively free
18:11:26 From Peter Wasilko : Saw the movie.
18:12:47 From Brandel Zachernuk :
18:14:50 From Frode Hegland : Very impressive but it should have gone up and down (bobbing…)
18:15:48 From Peter Wasilko : That is why I’m not good at sports — I have the wrong first name.
18:16:00 From Frode Hegland : Haha…
18:18:53 From Frode Hegland : Maybe we need a data pallete?
18:19:04 From Peter Wasilko : We need a DSL for generating and interacting with these systems.
18:19:28 From Peter Wasilko : Command Line Drive Viualization
18:22:46 From Peter Wasilko : HyperCard!
18:23:06 From Peter Wasilko : Recipe Stacks
18:23:12 From Brandel Zachernuk : FileMaker too actually – that one’s still alive but hidden somewhat
18:24:25 From Peter Wasilko : Functional reactive Programming
18:29:35 From Peter Wasilko : I think HyperCard’s best idea was its use of Levels to factor out Browsing, Typing, Painting, Authoring, and Scripting
18:29:58 From Brandel Zachernuk : Sounds like a mode – I wonder how that got past Larry Tesler
18:30:54 From Peter Wasilko : And the shared stack background layer was brilliant.
18:33:37 From Peter Wasilko : I also think there is a lot of potential for using a 3-D Mouse in Web VR.
18:34:01 From Frode Hegland : No!!!!! That’s so limited Peter, you. Need VR headset!!!!!!!!!
18:34:01 From Peter Wasilko : It is a dream for navigation in Blender and SineSpace
18:38:59 From Peter Wasilko : Interestingly, I never got any sim sickness issues with zoomable UI’s.
18:40:05 From Peter Wasilko : Maybe because I would zoom out, pan, and zoom in rather than making a high speed lateral scroll.
18:40:22 From Frode Hegland : Exactly Peter, that’s why the mural in Brandel’s view is about moving the mural, not you 🙂
18:40:50 From Peter Wasilko : So the motion was more of a parabolic hop in 3-D space if we treat zoom level as the Z dimension.
18:41:52 From Brandel Zachernuk : There are FPS games that will make anyone motion sick and some that mitigate it – it’s a consequence of the combination of stimuli and continued testing
18:41:56 From Frode Hegland : Yes, that is the evolution of perception :-0
18:42:17 From Frode Hegland : Yes, the concept of affordances
18:42:23 From Brandel Zachernuk : Some locomotion techniques of limiting the field of view (FOV) seem to mitigate motion sickness too, Google Earth VR does it
18:43:20 From Fabien Benetou :
18:43:42 From Frode Hegland : It would be interesting to keep time x-axis and then start defining layers, y layers and then also depth on z axis, and give the user easy ways to re-order and turn on and off layers AND of course ‘pinch’ in and out on vast scales. But Key point: how to move info about…
18:52:23 From Frode Hegland : Teaching rather than learning as initial focus?
18:54:02 From Peter Wasilko :
18:57:20 From Frode Hegland : Sorry, 1 min
18:57:59 From Brandel Zachernuk : Like ChalkTalk as well
18:59:01 From Fabien Benetou : Perlin
18:59:12 From Fabien Benetou :
18:59:18 From Brandel Zachernuk :
19:00:04 From Peter Wasilko : He has done some fascinating work. I think his group was working on some sort of 3-D mousepad controller at some point.
19:00:54 From Frode Hegland : Performed at the speed of conversation – Brandel. Great phrase
19:01:14 From Peter Wasilko : Circa mid 1990’s if memory serves at a 45% confidence level on the timeframe.
19:01:53 From Frode Hegland : That is what we should try to be a part of! 🙂
19:03:56 From Peter Wasilko : Imagine this UI by Edward Tufte rotated 90 degrees to run sideways for building relative timelines.
19:05:06 From Frode Hegland : We should do this but there will be companies spending millions and millions on timelines so we need to make them highly interactive and transferable between environments I think.
19:05:30 From Frode Hegland : Owned and transportable knowledge is my goal.
19:05:42 From Brandel Zachernuk :
19:06:40 From Brandel Zachernuk : (Vision 2050)

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