Chat : 4 July 2022 (Bob Stein)


16:06:34 From Frode Hegland :
16:08:35 From Frode Hegland : That is what you look like Peter!!
16:09:23 From Peter Wasilko : On my new 13” M1 Mac.
16:09:33 From Frode Hegland : Who here can help invite Jaron Lanier to FOT
16:10:26 From vinton cerf : i know jaron well enough to invite
16:10:47 From Bob Stein : Jaron is a friend of the family and i can certainly help also
16:11:10 From Frode Hegland : that would be very much appreciated Bob
16:13:07 From Frode Hegland : oh, Happy 4th of July everyone, forgot about that!
16:13:35 From vinton cerf :
16:15:28 From Frode Hegland : Dene Grigar came to dinner yesterday, then we watched Hamilton, regarding this 🙂
16:23:04 From Frode Hegland : classics!
16:32:23 From vinton cerf : this is context preservinv
16:40:02 From vinton cerf : plainly you need fonts that are zoomable –
16:40:27 From vinton cerf : isn’t that something like metafont (don knuth)
16:44:58 From Brandel Zachernuk : on the subject of Apple building – here is ‘Freeform’ for those who missed it last WWDC:
16:45:35 From Frode Hegland : oh yes, thank you Brandel
16:46:29 From Brandel Zachernuk : related is Figma, a web-first, multi-user, Illustrator-lite kind of app:
16:49:38 From Peter Wasilko :
16:50:23 From vinton cerf : Remember Google Circles?
16:50:53 From vinton cerf : there is an app called REMO that does a kind of circles for video confeencing
16:55:06 From vinton cerf : TAPESTRYBOT!
16:57:50 From Peter Wasilko : In retrospect, I wish Past Me had given more thought to the information retrieval needs of Present and Future Me.
16:59:05 From Peter Wasilko : Fortunately, Past Me did employ Literate Programming on some key projects.
16:59:11 From vinton cerf : GOOD POINT PEER
16:59:15 From vinton cerf : PETER
17:01:58 From Mark Anderson : I’m also thinking of Ted’s EDLs (Edit Decision List)
17:02:14 From Frode Hegland : yes, that fits
17:04:27 From vinton cerf : THIS WOULD BE A GREAT OP-ED
17:09:47 From Mark Anderson : Yes, I like this framing of intention as relating to intent of noting/annotating
17:11:02 From Peter Wasilko : Homework for Friday!
17:12:31 From Brandel Zachernuk : this is a diagram I made recently to talk about it:
17:15:26 From Frode Hegland : YES. This is an opportunity for the web to shine anew
17:15:39 From Frode Hegland : and HOW would you choose ‘where to go’
17:16:54 From Peter Wasilko : GeoTemporal URLs
17:18:51 From Frode Hegland : exactly Peter, something like that
17:18:53 From vinton cerf : how to choose When to go
17:19:38 From Frode Hegland : So this Future of Text will be co-hosted by Claus and Dene. How will it be addressable in this context?…
17:19:54 From Peter Wasilko :
17:20:29 From Frode Hegland : interesting Peter, know them?
17:21:15 From Peter Wasilko : I just stumbled on them last night via
17:22:17 From Peter Wasilko : It sounds like they are a non-paywalled Web of Science alternative.
17:22:18 From Frode Hegland : the use? Our own record! to start with …
17:25:32 From Frode Hegland : Virtual-wide-web (VR)
17:25:59 From Frode Hegland : Vint on the importance of ‘search’
17:27:40 From Frode Hegland : very interesting point Vint. Relates to addressability of course
17:28:25 From vinton cerf : are you familiar with the google 360 videos?
17:28:59 From Frode Hegland : yes, I did one of you!
17:29:03 From Frode Hegland : in Baku 🙂
17:29:09 From Frode Hegland : is that what you mean?
17:29:29 From Frode Hegland : filmed in 360 and very interesting to view, even on 2d screens
17:29:31 From vinton cerf : actually this reference is much more complex – can discuss
17:30:04 From Frode Hegland :
17:31:08 From Frode Hegland : brief point: even 360 videos need a point of view.
17:31:13 From Peter Wasilko : Visual Meta Errata!
17:31:55 From Brandel Zachernuk : 1-year keyword moratorium, with keywords to be decided after a settling period!
17:32:38 From Mark Anderson : ^^^ yes!
17:45:22 From Frode Hegland : partly why timing matters! show dictionary definition from that time, not later! for example.
17:45:53 From Brandel Zachernuk : that’s here:
17:54:13 From Frode Hegland : there is basic trasciptoin in zoom
17:54:16 From Frode Hegland : but YES we need this
17:55:33 From Frode Hegland : sometimes radio interviews has stereo and it’s lovley…

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