Chat Log : 5 Dec 2022


16:21:57 From Mark Anderson : @Peter, which Licklider book/article?
16:23:17 From Peter Wasilko : Libraries of the Future
16:23:22 From Peter Wasilko : MIT Press
16:23:23 From Mark Anderson : TX.
16:23:38 From Peter Wasilko : Now out of print but it should be at
16:23:46 From Mark Anderson :
16:24:16 From Peter Wasilko : That’s it!
16:24:59 From Peter Wasilko : Lick called the model system imagined in the book Procog – short for Pro-Cognitive
16:25:47 From Peter Wasilko : It features a text chat of the user interacting with the system and having it offer to muster a references dataset.
16:25:56 From Peter Wasilko : referenced 16:26:11 From Mark Anderson : 👍 16:30:00 From Peter Wasilko : Also of historical interest see: Bush, Vannevar . 1938. “A Reference Selector.” Unpublished manuscript held by the Rockefeller Archive Center in North Tarrytown, New York. 16:34:31 From Peter Wasilko : @Fabien – awesome neck tie! 16:37:49 From Mark Anderson :é-documentation/dp/287449299X 16:38:06 From Mark Anderson : ^^ Paul Otlet’s “Traité de Documentation: Le Livre sur le Livre” 16:39:17 From Peter Wasilko : !! Also see the book: 16:39:45 From Peter Wasilko : For a biography of Otlet and his work. 16:39:46 From Mark Anderson : Yes, got that too! 😀 16:40:04 From Peter Wasilko : Great minds collect similar books! 16:51:24 From Peter Wasilko : !! Here is a link to a low quality scan of a microfiche copy of a project report on my own very early research that includes some short quotes from Libraries of the Future and A Reference Selector: 16:52:44 From Mark Anderson : @peter, thanks. 16:53:23 From Fabien : 16:53:37 From Frode Hegland : go on! 16:54:43 From Frode Hegland : Mark: Scaling for our understanding, not scaling for the display (graphs in VR) 16:58:09 From Frode Hegland : back in 2 mins 16:58:58 From Peter Wasilko : Also of note in the early report was my exploration of typographic conventions to maintain parallel counters/note streams decades before LaTeX changed my life! 17:03:42 From Mark Anderson : Apologies – thought phone was on divert. 17:08:52 From Peter Wasilko : For some reason I just pictured Frode as Tom Cruise being lowered into a SCIF. 17:09:09 From Frode Hegland : ha ha. just watched Maverick this weekend BTW. pretty good 17:13:21 From Fabien : ideally with code snippet metadata 17:14:01 From Peter Wasilko To Frode Hegland(privately) : Did you want me to add any bolding to key phrases in my submissions? 17:14:13 From Frode Hegland To Peter Wasilko(privately) : nope, very well highlighted :-0 17:15:50 From Peter Wasilko To Frode Hegland(privately) : Great, if you need anything last minute change wise, just drop me a note and I’ll give it emergency rush priority! 17:15:55 From Frode Hegland To Peter Wasilko(privately) : thanks! 17:17:18 From Mark Anderson : !! as one untrained in formal coding, I’m reminded how much syntax colouring enhances structure for the (human) reader. 17:19:47 From Fabien : code 17:20:02 From Fabien : javascript var variablething = 123; 17:21:45 From Peter Wasilko : !! Recursive font is at : 17:22:45 From Peter Wasilko : OR pull it in over the web from google fonts: 17:37:21 From Fabien : dependecies? 17:38:54 From Peter Wasilko : Target! 17:39:04 From Peter Wasilko : Like the target attribute in HTML links 17:39:05 From Mark Anderson : would the vr / ar / xr part work better as a list. terms in the list are a yes, not in list no. 17:40:35 From Peter Wasilko : Filters 17:40:44 From Fabien : sure xr as a list would work 17:41:38 From Peter Wasilko : ∆ 17:42:13 From Peter Wasilko : / comment text here ∆\zlable{setup}∆
17:44:09 From Peter Wasilko : *label
17:45:15 From Peter Wasilko : So meta-language as a field would denote another look like a LP system that can also process the code
17:45:31 From Peter Wasilko : *another tool like
17:48:27 From Peter Wasilko : Show Invisibles should be a UI option
17:48:51 From Peter Wasilko : With a visible line-wrap character
17:59:04 From Peter Wasilko : !! The term I’ve coined for this sort of thing is: Semantic Block
18:01:44 From Peter Wasilko : !! Interestingly a given fragment of source might be valid code in multiple languages with slightly varying semantics across them!
18:04:12 From Fabien : FWIW
18:05:44 From Fabien : I’ll have to run otherwise no neurons left for the week.

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