Chat Log : 6 March 2023


16:14:06 From Peter Wasilko : !! AfterDark Screensavers reimplemented in CSS:
16:14:29 From Peter Wasilko : Your toaster can fly again!
16:14:38 From Mark Anderson : Reacted to “Your toaster can fly…” with 😀
16:23:29 From Mark Anderson : Hypertext’23 is Rome, Italy, 4-8 September 2023, at Villino Stroganoff in Via Gregoriana 22, on the other side of the road from the Hertzian Library.
16:23:55 From Fabien Benetou :
16:24:43 From Mark Anderson :–+Max+Planck+Institute+for+Art+History/@41.8955991,12.4583455,13.49z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x132f60552e49186f:0xa28e4ebb73a48386!8m2!3d41.9056004!4d12.4840382
16:25:21 From Mark Anderson : Sorry, broken link above ^^ but should seam back together into a Google maps location for HT’23
16:26:27 From Mark Anderson : HT dates (earlbird reg’n until 4 Aug) ,
16:26:41 From Peter Wasilko : The Next Xerox PARC
16:26:52 From Peter Wasilko : YES
16:26:56 From Frode Hegland : ARC!
16:27:14 From Peter Wasilko : Even better.
16:28:48 From Peter Wasilko : Unless people confuse ARC with that time travel dinosaur Sci Fi series with its Anomalies Research Center
16:35:45 From Frode Hegland : Invite to present?
16:36:31 From Frode Hegland : please have a load
16:37:31 From Fabien Benetou : Reacted to “Invite to present?…” with 👍
16:41:38 From Daveed : Lisa Feldman Barret
16:41:47 From Daveed : Garret Giegeranser ???
16:42:07 From Brandel Zachernuk : Gerd Gigerenzer
16:48:32 From Mark Anderson : Should we designing for the equipment/screen, or rather reflect on the interaction of our text with the screen. IOW, the accommodations implicit in use a given display type, rather than designing wihtin the limits of the latter.
16:48:46 From Peter Wasilko : Maybe we can revisit this work: (a non-paywalled classic)
16:49:46 From Peter Wasilko : I need to build up a murder wall for my World’s Fair historical research.
16:50:23 From Mark Anderson : ^^ goes to 404.
16:50:37 From Brandel Zachernuk : It’s the comma, it works if you trim it off
16:50:39 From Fabien Benetou : no dot
16:57:05 From Mark Anderson : Got it, sorry!
16:58:43 From Frode Hegland : OK< let’s have a look here please:
16:59:35 From Brandel Zachernuk : And may not visualize at all!
16:59:44 From Frode Hegland : True!
17:01:24 From Peter Wasilko : !! Slightly off topic, but it may inspire some ideas for education leveraging VR :::: Co-design at Young V&A: transforming the Museum of Childhood —
17:03:11 From Frode Hegland : ‘Debugging all the way’ is such a great phrase
17:04:04 From Frode Hegland : (Fabien, I’m taking the Harvard CS50 computer science course…., at least going through the lectures…)
17:04:46 From Mark Anderson : and then it’s debuggers all the way down
17:05:46 From Peter Wasilko : !! We should make a note of Mark A’s comment about the lab notebooks being good at recording measurable things but needing to incorporate the WHY behind what things were tried.
17:18:50 From Mark Anderson : !!
17:23:21 From Daveed : My intentions is to have a solution for making books annotatable within nested groups by Q3
17:29:37 From Fabien Benetou : depth first versus breadth first exploration
17:30:27 From Fabien Benetou : guess one would benefit from knowing how long depth first would take and warn if indeed it’s beyond the scope of the current session, agreed on together first
17:31:13 From Fabien Benetou : (make me curious about readibility metrics and estimation of duration)
17:31:41 From Frode Hegland : Not follow in the click sense
17:34:51 From Mark Anderson : Missing from current citational use is something akin to link types. The (implicit) links all/most readers should follow will (hopefully) be few, but they aren’t made obvious by current usage.
17:39:01 From Fabien Benetou : makes me think of with where one get a rough time estimation before clicking a link from the current page, eventually making a reading “cart” within a time budget
17:41:27 From Mark Anderson : Reacted to “makes me think of ht…” with 👍🏻
17:46:14 From Frode Hegland : Pieces yes
17:49:08 From Frode Hegland : Updated. Any thoughts?
18:01:43 From Daveed : Father of the Interne
18:01:52 From Frode Hegland : Better?
18:01:59 From Daveed : Invetor TCP-IP

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