Chat Log : 1 May 2023


17:27:39 From Brandel Zachernuk :
18:08:52 From iPhone : deno
18:10:37 From Brandel Zachernuk : Hi Andreea, good to see you! Peter is telling us about a composable instrument for understanding things
18:10:52 From Andreea Ion Cojocaru : Hi!
18:11:11 From Andreea Ion Cojocaru : will we chat about demo day today?
18:12:13 From Frode Hegland : Hi there

18:19:03 From Andreea Ion Cojocaru : – 9-9:30am (CEST) virtual coffee break, no agenda but same virtual room with spacial audio (e.g Hubs not Zoom, no recording)

  • 9:30-10am presentation of the day, recorded, with the goal and rules, argued on the spot
  • 1pm:2pm individual presentations, recorded, with Q&A, with what has been and what’s left to do
  • 5pm:6pm shorter redo with summary and lessons learned, also recorded
    18:19:09 From Andreea Ion Cojocaru : Main rule could be no slide, one must present “the thing” they do, whatever the state it is in, not an abstract concept. It does not have to be programmed, a design would be great, a flowchat of how it could be implemented later could be good also, but it can not remain an abstraction to fantasize over.
    18:19:35 From Andreea Ion Cojocaru : Also IMHO it should be realistic to see progress in few hours (here ~4hrs of actual work outside of the meetings) in order to be able to take into account the input of others. For this I suggest either a prototype, proof of concept or single feature of an existing software while skipping all the important yet demanding aspects would be best. It should showcase the core of the idea, not “waste” time on all the details otherwise important e.g reliability. If it works once or twice then that’s amazing even though later on one would have to take care of numerous edge cases or a larger audience with very different setups.
    18:19:44 From Andreea Ion Cojocaru : Finally the main take away for us individually would be a kick for progressing on things we do care about with the feedback of people we already know and trust in the open. For the group overall it would be to test efficiently a potential new practice that hopefully would invite others to try and if actually positive (still to verify!) possibly do so face to face in the near future.
    18:29:54 From iPhone : Not just transcribe make new affordances
    19:04:45 From Andreea Ion Cojocaru : search YT for “rhino tutorial” and “grasshopper tutorial”

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