Chat Log : 26 June 2023


16:00:37 From Frode Hegland : See your pic now Peter
16:00:41 From Frode Hegland : Mark!!!!!!!!!
16:01:41 From Peter Wasilko : It made me re-upload it.
16:04:37 From Frode Hegland : Alan, I was just talking about you 🙂
16:04:44 From Frode Hegland : Hello B. Robinson
16:05:25 From Alan Laidlaw To Frode Hegland(privately) : was I terribly late? Kent, you had me at Whitehead
16:05:36 From Frode Hegland To Alan Laidlaw(privately) : Nope not late
16:17:35 From Mark Anderson : WhisperX:
16:18:23 From Alan Laidlaw : love the 1000 episode idea
16:20:57 From Alan Laidlaw : possible way to have a tag within an entry (as opposed to a post) might be w a bunch of shortcodes where the shortcode type acts as a tag. not ideal, but might work.
16:23:23 From Mark Anderson : Sonix AI:
16:28:10 From Fabien Benetou : just don’t do 😉
16:29:25 From Alan Laidlaw : a silly idea that, unfortunately, is pretty likely: just in time audio fragments via deep fake of host and guest voices. just becomes understood that its a voice avatar and not the historical document.
16:30:45 From Peter Wasilko : Reacted to “a silly idea that, u…” with 👍🏻
16:31:11 From Frode Hegland : Organising information is more expensive than creating it 🙂
16:31:27 From Mark Anderson : Reacted to “Organising informati…” with 👍🏻
16:31:33 From Mark Anderson : Removed a 👍🏻 reaction from “Organising informati…”
16:31:51 From Mark Anderson : Reacted to “Organising informati…” with 👍🏻
16:39:09 From Peter Wasilko : Reacted to “Organising informati…” with 👍🏻
16:42:02 From Frode Hegland : What is the purpose of the archive? Is it to provide users to listen to specific sections, to read the transcripts or to navigate with text to find different sections and connections?
16:42:18 From Mark Anderson : Otter AI:
16:44:59 From Frode Hegland : The Economist from text to spoken, but in a nice format to consider thinking around:
16:45:42 From Alan Laidlaw : a vote for “FoT 1000.” it is a very interesting model to have a canonical hub (the 1000) which could lead to “dimensional variants.” a version that tuned for audio vs reading vs VR spelunking.
16:46:15 From Brandel Zachernuk :
16:46:48 From Mark Anderson : NodeXL:
16:48:03 From Mark Anderson : IIRC, sadly NodeXL is Windows-only.
16:51:12 From Frode Hegland : Sorry, I need to step away for a min, please go next Peter.
16:52:35 From Frode Hegland : back
16:54:53 From Peter Wasilko :
16:56:39 From Peter Wasilko To Frode Hegland(privately) : BTW, can I upload my FoT papers to ResearchGate or would you rather I just link to the main collection page?
16:56:47 From Fabien Benetou : for the anecdote Whisper is OpenAI effort to ingest more data without being limited to “just” text AFAIK.
16:56:50 From Frode Hegland To Peter Wasilko(privately) : You can do that, thanks for checking
16:59:44 From Brandel Zachernuk : I have to jump but this is exciting, I look forward to where it goes!
17:00:32 From Mark Anderson :
17:09:02 From Peter Wasilko : Here are some slides on Description Logics:
17:09:42 From Leon van Kammen : Thanks Peter, interesting topic btw
17:11:59 From Peter Wasilko : I think most of the implementations were build on Java back when it was the hot new language to use.
17:14:36 From Frode Hegland : What would you like the user to do: Listen to a whole or part podcast again for entertainment, primarily, or go through connected text for research or learning?
17:17:56 From Mark Anderson : The visualisations Frode just mentioned are here: The first, might be easily be re-purposed—even if only for your own indexing, to help you consider the temporal axis of your interviews. IOW, which interviews reference others. The nature of the ‘reference’ (literal citation, similar topic area), you the subject-matter-expert place in the dataset.
17:19:02 From Frode Hegland : Yes, VR will help us use AI, in my mind
17:19:18 From Alan Laidlaw : and vice versa
17:19:25 From Frode Hegland : Reacted to “and vice versa” with 👍
17:22:31 From Frode Hegland : As editor of the future of text, how can I cite your work, how can I link to it? Addressing
17:23:15 From Mark Anderson : Reacted to “As editor of the fut…” with 👍🏻
17:23:54 From Frode Hegland : Copy as citation by author: but this is PDF based
17:25:10 From Leon van Kammen : Kent Bye mentioned APA style citation:
17:27:49 From Fabien Benetou : RealityMedia: immersive technology and narrative space
17:31:05 From Leon van Kammen : crazy idea: extend the pipeline to generate JSON-LD snippets of every podcast-fragment into the html (spatial and contentReferenceTime-properties of
17:32:44 From Mark Anderson : Reacted to “crazy idea: extend t…” with 👍🏻
17:33:10 From Fabien Benetou : in the past I used TF-IDF using
17:34:03 From Mark Anderson : ^^ (re Leon’s last post] Yes, it seems like more effort up front, but the payoff is richer once done.
17:35:15 From Frode Hegland : ‘Capture the room’ as it were
17:35:22 From Fabien Benetou : in terms of embedding is usually quite well ranked (even though I’m not a fan of OpenAI the for-profit) and based on
17:36:47 From Frode Hegland : As I attempted to do with Doug:
17:37:12 From Kent Bye :
17:37:38 From Kent Bye :
17:39:09 From Mark Anderson : Re citing, APA is a (print) formatted cite: old texch solution. Even if the visual render on the visible webpage is APA, render it from a slug of parameterised info (be it BibTeX, RIS, or this forum’s Visual-Meta approach), as you reap the benefits of things link JSON-LD. Re-use either by out or those who you share data with becomes richer.
17:42:00 From Alan Laidlaw : perfect example is the “puck” in VR, the pocket battery.
17:42:28 From Alan Laidlaw : was considered a dead end, now seems like a fruitful direction.
17:44:07 From Alan Laidlaw : it would be interesting to see a digital twin of the library in Tana.
17:46:39 From Kent Bye :
17:49:15 From Alan Laidlaw : but there isn’t a TfT (in my opinion) that does anything with the process of thought, potential, and influence. (I’m working on a syntax w this in mind.)
17:50:24 From Leon van Kammen : @Alan Laidlaw which writers were you mentioning when you talked about (process?) philophy?
17:51:26 From Peter Wasilko : Monetization is the unsolved frontier!
17:52:11 From Kent Bye :
17:53:17 From Alan Laidlaw : the links are a great start. I’d also add gregory bateson. there’s a ton of thinkers that could fall under process philosophy. its a style of thinking but (in my opinion) hard to formalize.
17:54:51 From Alan Laidlaw : copy and paste needs a revolution. so much is pinned on it. similar to digital human right.
17:54:59 From Frode Hegland : Copy as part of addressing.
17:55:30 From Mark Anderson : ‘Visual Meta’
17:57:35 From Frode Hegland : Reacted to “apps that disable sc…” with 👍
17:58:37 From Mark Anderson : SRT format:
17:58:37 From Alan Laidlaw : great chat! I have to jump.
17:58:42 From Frode Hegland : Reacted to “great chat! I have t…” with 👍

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