8 May Code

Demo: https://code.futuretextlab.info/andrew/alpha50724

Document View: Main document content can now be read with minimal styling. Headers, titles, and authors are recognized, but more complex styling like tables are not (they will still display the content, but it will not be formatted). The user is able to scroll the document by dragging the scroll bar, or by selecting the up/down scroll buttons. In addition, the user can drag the upper and lower bounds to expand or shrink the displayed document size.

Associated Updates:

  • The main page button to upload a saved workspace was improperly labeled as “Upload Library” and is now labeled properly.
  • Save/load supports document view.
  • Selecting a title in the library now loads the document view instead of the citation block.
  • In the document view, when trying to select any of the three scroll buttons, the user can now miss by a small amount and still trigger the buttons.

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