22 May Andrew Code

Demo: https://code.futuretextlab.info/andrew/alpha52124/

Menubar: Documents now have a menubar at the bottom which contain multiple useful buttons. Not all of them have functionality implemented yet.

Read/Outline View:  Documents can now be toggled between ‘read’ and ‘outline’ view using the buttons on the menubar. The outline displays all headers from the document. Each header can be selected to return to ‘read’ view and jump to that position in the document.

Focus:┬áDocuments can be focused and unfocused by using the menubar ‘focus’ button.

Associated Updates:

  • ACM22 library .json file has been updated to include map position data – not yet used by this sytem though
  • The library now displays in the proper order – the same as the .json file
  • The backgrounds are all slightly darker now
  • The code now supports color palettes for most things
  • Updated the save system to support documents and their outlines
  • Scrolling a document is now smarter – it no longer scrolls past the bottom of the document and now stops at the end of the text.  Moving the clipping bounds now also slides the text to keep it relevant.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some potential memory leaks by removing certain event listeners and creating a custom function instead
  • Fixed a scrolling issue where it only works at the default size. Changing the clipping would break the scroll
  • Many little bug fixes since each new feature seemed to break multiple other things

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