22 May Andrew Code

Demo: https://code.futuretextlab.info/andrew/alpha52124/ Menubar: Documents now have a menubar at the bottom which contain multiple useful buttons. Not all of them have functionality implemented yet. Read/Outline View:  Documents can now be toggled between ‘read’ and ‘outline’ view using the buttons on the menubar. The outline displays all headers from the document. Each header can be selected to return… Continue reading 22 May Andrew Code

20 May 2024

Fabien Benetou: Cool in little light. And now I don’t talk about this. Frode Hegland: What don’t you talk about? Fabien Benetou: I’d say just family matters. That I don’t feel comfortable sharing publicly. Frode Hegland: No, absolutely. Sorry. I just heard the last words and got a bit you know, what did I miss?… Continue reading 20 May 2024

15 May 2024

Frode Hegland: Hello, Adam. Oh, Fabian and Adam first. That’s good. Fabian. Okay. Just briefly, even though this is on the record, it’s not a secret thing, but Dina and I just had another meeting. And the effort that you guys are putting in, we’re just basically split first six months of the year. Adam.… Continue reading 15 May 2024

13 May 2024

Frode Hegland: Get a piece of paper and suddenly we’re stupid, right, Mark? Right. Okay. Please continue. So yeah, that’s. Fabien Benetou: Again the movement. We move, we give affordance to things that otherwise I mean, they do have affordances, but they are the usual one. But then again what is that thing we give… Continue reading 13 May 2024

8 May 2024

Frode Hegland: Hello? Adam’s phone. Hello. Hello. But. So here we are. Hello again. I’ve been sorry about that. Dene Grigar: It’s our monthly agenda. I’m eating breakfast, everybody. So I apologize. Frode Hegland: No, no, that’s nothing to apologize for. Okay. So. Andrew’s coming up, of course. Right. Put a link to the agenda… Continue reading 8 May 2024

8 May Code

Demo: https://code.futuretextlab.info/andrew/alpha50724 Document View: Main document content can now be read with minimal styling. Headers, titles, and authors are recognized, but more complex styling like tables are not (they will still display the content, but it will not be formatted). The user is able to scroll the document by dragging the scroll bar, or by selecting… Continue reading 8 May Code

6 May 2024

Dene Grigar: Good morning. Frode Hegland: Good morning, young lady. How are you? Dene Grigar: I’m good. Frode Hegland: That’s good. Dene Grigar: I got your message. Yes. It was already on the agenda to get Holly to get the invitation done. I also think we need a we need a a particular a specific… Continue reading 6 May 2024

 1 May 2024

Frode Hegland: Oh. That was very strange. Peter Wasilko: Well, I just got dropped. Frode Hegland: Oh. It’s not what happened? I was wondering if suddenly this was the wrong link. Yeah. I’m very, very, very sorry I’m late. It’s basically Fabian’s fault. I ended up getting a haircut on the way home, so I… Continue reading  1 May 2024

29 April 2024

Rob Swigart: Hello. Hello. Peter Wasilko: Hello from brunch. Frode Hegland: Was trying to do a quickie here with the First pro to see if I can enter what we do on Wednesdays would be it just didn’t work earlier. So just wanted to check with you guys are here. Enter VR. Rob Swigart: Loading.… Continue reading 29 April 2024