Distance-Independent Millimeters

A DMM is 1 millimeter viewed at 1 meter away. It’s an angular unit that follows a MM into the distance. “I recently watched a great talk by the Google Daydream team about designing screen interfaces for VR. Adam Glazier and Chris McKenzie dove into some of the challenges and pitfalls around creating two-dimensional screens within the VR space. Their team needed… Continue reading Distance-Independent Millimeters

Graph Paper

Graph Paper, 2021: A demonstration of the nuance of control available through VR – not just from the high-dimensional control afforded by controllers or hands, but of the nuance of being able to move your head view to gain a better understanding of depth. 

Deep Reader

Deep Reader – Understanding Media, 2021: An exploration of how a reading environment might simply throw away a book’s features and allow readers to focus on the content in a large-format context for something more like a meditative experience than one focused on reading speed, for example. You can read the whole book that way,… Continue reading Deep Reader