Gutenberg generator

Gutenberg generator, 2021: A page that consumes Project Gutenberg text files and creates an interactable 3D representation, with appropriate book cover and size. The plausible page-turning and opportunity for persistent visual landmarks help make it clear that while eBooks are of great benefit for the storage and sharing of documents, the human experience of making… Continue reading Gutenberg generator

Leap Text Editor

Leap Text Editor, 2019: A writing system powered by speech recognition and hand tracking for hand-pose detection. One issue with VR, and a stationary computing context is the loss of the keyboard – for both typing and for hotkeys. By encoding functionality in specific hand poses – and providing feedback about pose-distance, a system teaches… Continue reading Leap Text Editor

Timeline VR

Timeline VR, 2019: A timeline-centered view of Wikipedia, allowing users to place multiple timelines next to one another. Useful in a similar way to books like Timetables of History, but with the ability to compose wider sets of data see longer patterns than can be shown on a single page. In VR:

Word Reality

Word Reality, 2017: A first attempt at a space for creating and assembling information. I wanted to explore what breaking the contents of a page apart might allow the different pieces to mean, and how we might relate to the collection of information that ultimately constitutes a document if we aren’t always staring at a… Continue reading Word Reality

Game Engines

Game engines driving VR:


glTF (derivative short form of Graphics Language Transmission Format or GL Transmission Format) is a standard file format for three-dimensional scenes and models.

Beautiful eBooks

Neat exploration into redesigning eBooks. Solves many of the issues lacking from reading a physical book. h/t Andy Matuschak