Research Questions

Interactions. Our research covers the end-user experience of working with text in traditional (analog & digital) environments as well as in VR domains and using direction interactions as well as AI augmented interactions.        We ask how far can we develop the potential of interactive text to expand our mind and increase the dept of our understanding?… Continue reading Research Questions

Chat Log :5 June 2023

Video: 16:07:36 From Frode Hegland : Hi Adam, long time no see16:07:42 From Frode Hegland : At least we see your name now16:12:54 From Frode Hegland : By Ben Dover?16:13:31 From Peter Wasilko : The middle of the night one I missed.16:13:45 From Frode Hegland : I’ll take a look16:14:22 From Adam Wern :… Continue reading Chat Log :5 June 2023

Chat Log : 6 May 2023

Video: 16:19:11 From Alan Laidlaw : From Alan Laidlaw : for colors: i’d suggest red for now.16:19:45 From Peter Wasilko : Done chewing, just silently sipping my tea now!16:27:00 From Alan Laidlaw : link to the latest FoT text w the AI discussion please16:31:16 From Frode Hegland : All here Alan: https://futuretextpublishing.com16:31:51 From… Continue reading Chat Log : 6 May 2023

CC 17 : April 2023

Video: C16:24:29 A lot of people holding onto the way things are. And there’s nothing wrong with that like.16:24:36 It’s still writing on paper is still the best, but I kind of as an example.16:24:45 I kind of think at times that, like what we call ui.16:24:50 Now, or conventional ui patterns dropdown menus.16:24:55… Continue reading CC 17 : April 2023


April test

Peter J. Wasilko, Esq.

Peter J. Wasilko, Esq. is an Attorney, Programmer, and Independent Scholar residing in Ossining, New York (one of the historic river towns overlooking the Hudson an hour North of New York City).  He holds a J.D., LL.M., and Certificate in Law, Technology, and Management from Syracuse University’s College of Law and a B.A. magna cum laude from the University at… Continue reading Peter J. Wasilko, Esq.

Initial Book

The story so far. Or: How I’d prefer we go about this first book. The story so far is a user opening up the PDF version of The Future of Text book Volume 3, in a regular PDF reader and there is a link to open the book in VR/AR (I think I’ll just refer… Continue reading Initial Book

Chat : 7 October 2022

Video: Part 1: 16:03:31 From Frode Hegland : yes, at the Groucho, sorry!!!16:03:38 From Frode Hegland : hang on, working on audio16:14:23 From Frode Hegland : trying not to have cam on too much, since it’s not allows to have any video meetyings here…16:14:29 From Frode Hegland : so trying to stay audio16:15:39 From… Continue reading Chat : 7 October 2022

CC text : 3 October 2022

17:25:42 and then Lena would ask the question, Will, then could it be better in virtual reality?17:25:48 Let me know that’s one question one could ask another question is how could we?17:25:55 How if if it’s a if it’s and an imperfect outline, how imperfect is it?17:26:02 Is it. 80% is it 30 it’s 50%.17:26:08… Continue reading CC text : 3 October 2022