26 June 2024

Demo Link:alpha62524 https://code.futuretextlab.info/andrew/alpha62524/ https://code.futuretextlab.info/andrew/alpha62524 Finger Menu ‘Manna Nodes’: A prototype interface has been added to the non-dominant hand. Turn the non-dominant palm towards you to activate the menu. On the dominant index finger, an orange dot will appear. On the dominant hand, nodes will appear on each finger tip. Point the index finger near the nodes… Continue reading 26 June 2024

5 June 2024

Demo Link:alpha60424 Latest: We will continue to have dedicated URLs like before, but I now have an additional URL that will be updating with each new build. https://code.futuretextlab.info/andrew/latest/ Map View Interaction: The map view, minimal as it is at the moment, exists as its own space and is populated by titles, names, and keywords contained in the library… Continue reading 5 June 2024

8 May Code

Demo: https://code.futuretextlab.info/andrew/alpha50724 Document View: Main document content can now be read with minimal styling. Headers, titles, and authors are recognized, but more complex styling like tables are not (they will still display the content, but it will not be formatted). The user is able to scroll the document by dragging the scroll bar, or by selecting… Continue reading 8 May Code

Basic Catalog Interaction

How about adding the ability to view citations and to open a selected document as primary interactions, such as below? Further options can of course be added over time. Personally I think having these options as text makes sense, since text blends with text whereas icons or buttons stand out and can become clutter. If… Continue reading Basic Catalog Interaction

3 April 2024

Demo Link: alpha40224 https://code.futuretextlab.info/andrew/alpha40224/ Text Markup: You can now highlight text from a selection of five colors. Export/Import Workspace: The system now supports exports from the prism menu to save your current workspace layout. Workspaces are JSON files that can be loaded from the browser window before entering the XR space. This feature may still have unexpected bugs.… Continue reading 3 April 2024

Reference Bock Interaction 5

Demo Link: alpha31924 https://code.futuretextlab.info/andrew/alpha31924/ Selector Tool: The laser starts hidden by default, but fades in if the user is making the pointing gesture but hasn’t pointed at anything for several seconds. The laser fades back out once the user points at something. Interaction – Detach: Detaching a line from the citation block now shifts the text to… Continue reading Reference Bock Interaction 5