22 May Andrew Code

Demo: https://code.futuretextlab.info/andrew/alpha52124/ Menubar: Documents now have a menubar at the bottom which contain multiple useful buttons. Not all of them have functionality implemented yet. Read/Outline View:  Documents can now be toggled between ‘read’ and ‘outline’ view using the buttons on the menubar. The outline displays all headers from the document. Each header can be selected to return… Continue reading 22 May Andrew Code

24 April 2024

Demo Link: https://code.futuretextlab.info/andrew/alpha42324/ Focus: A focus snap distance has been added. Objects can be focused to add a background and bring them closer and smaller to the user. Loading in documents from the library focuses them by default, but a user can also focus or unfocus from the popup menu. Lots of mini updates: Work in… Continue reading 24 April 2024

13 March 2024

Demo Link: https://code.futuretextlab.info/andrew/alpha31224/ Selector Tool: Changed to no longer show a laser, just the ‘cursor’ dot where the user is pointing. The laser functionality is still supported and can be toggled on/off in code, so perhaps we add this as a ‘trainer’ setting in the menu? The cursor dot is now white and scales based on distance,… Continue reading 13 March 2024

Background Environment

Main Interactions View background environment. XR No code specific for this experience. Became code for next exploration. Findings/Next Steps We found that a simple grey background environment without a floor suited the work best.

Open Document in AR

Main Interaction Pinch left and right to ‘scroll’ through document XR https://code.futuretextlab.info/adam/arpagespread/ Finding/Next Steps Focus on initial presentation and interactions for scaling and swiping.

Spherical Open Document

Main Interaction Turn head to view an open document on a curve/spherical. XR https://code.futuretextlab.info/andrew/alpha20724/ Finding/Next Steps Need to test simpler presentations with no curve as well.

PDF in VR with initial Gestures

Main Interaction Pinch to grab and manipulate. XR https://code.futuretextlab.info/andrew/alpha13024/ Specific videos for specific gestures https://3.basecamp.com/4200309/p/S6Y5PxNNEtU8YHWpLsP1D7AJ/vault/7017992981 Finding/Next Steps Too much freedom of movement. We need to experiment to find the right interactions for someone reading one or more documents in this environment.

Map in VR

In order to use this ‘Map’ view, you need to first open the link in Google Chrome and drag a valid Author document which features a Map view onto it. You can then open the link in VR to interact with the Map view. https://various-sneaky-paste.glitch.me/author

Reality Media

Reality Media https://realitymedia.digital/index-not-logged-in.html https://t.co/wlATDhpU6k