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Current Interaction: Pinch glossary term to see relationships

Planned Interaction: You have a book object in front of you when you enter. When you open this book you will see the word ‘Glossary’, among other text. When you pinch grab ‘Glossary’ and lift it into the air, and let go, it will snap into a predefined location (we are looking at ways to let you choose exactly where to display things–this is a big topic and quite complicated). Here you can pinch on any of the terms and for some of them you then get lines to other terms, just like in Author.

If you double tap a term, the definition appears in a little box. Tap the little (X) to close it.

We are also looking at how to show multiple glossaries, including indications of their authors, so that you can easily compare views.
This view happens to show a glossary but we call the view a constellation since it can really show any kinds of items.

Data & Metadata: This is an Author document, where the native Author .liquid file is used for the data.

Background: This is nice but not really more than the mural in terms of spatial use. What might be more interesting to you is that if a definition includes a reference, we are thinking of showing a line going into the distance, indicating a possibility of a link to the source book or paper in your library, to be brought forth to read.

Production: Made by Brandel Zachernik who has made many pieces of work on this site.