XR Experiments

Current Live XR Experiment


Sliver Sphere interactions

Question: Would it be elegant and useful to use a sphere to enter XR and also as access to controls? Mockup online.

Priority is text in the entry screen and tapping on ‘watch’ to reveal control panel

Swipe document open horizontally wide

Question: Would it be useful to swipe through a document open not just on one page, or two pages, but all pages? Mockup online.

PDF in XR and initial gestures

Questions: What should the initial environment look like and what should the initial gestures for interaction be?


Our key interaction is with a document’s References, in context with the document itself. We are working with the notion of frames, which are rectangles with a document or part of a document. The user will need to be able to interact with such frames smoothly and elegantly, this is core to our project.

Andrew is working on interactions for:

  • Scroll the contents of a frame up down/right left (currently flat palm)
  • Select an item in a frame, and action it (such as a link or button)
  • Place the frame in another location
  • Allow for items in one frame to be able to reference, visually, with a line, an item in an another frame

This is to allow the user to see all references in a list and how they relate to the document in question; single references to document locations, as well as volume and by criteria.

Audio: We are looking into speech to text for notes. We are also looking at the system speaking messages/alerts where appropriate.

Notes and scratch space:


Earlier interactions https://futuretextlab.info/xr/


Suggested WebXR experiences to try: