Dene Notes

To recap, what I need from XR in order to work effectively as an academic includes:

  • One computing device in any location I want to work
  • 360-degree environment
  • Ability to see in front of and around
  • Ability to put objects wherever I want
  • Multi-tasking functionality
  • “Spotlight” option to highlight one document or item at will in order to focus on it but still leave other items ready for future interactions, but dimmed during that period
  • Seamless reading and writing experience that allows for marking up text, annotating space, creating new text with text from the document being read
  • Ability to save a scene so that all my documents and other items are located in the same place they had been left
  • Share text option for either via messaging or email
  • Share the environment with other users with a variety of options such as “read only,” “edit,” and “own.”
  • Space sharing with others in-person
  • Control over aesthetic design of environment
  • Option of leaving some items open to visitors of my space but locking other items
  • Ability to choose ways to interact (e.g., fingers, a stylus, or keyboard)
  • A “Note” mode that makes it possible for others to see comments and respond to them