Design Principles

This project is not designed as an abstract demo but as a case study in working with text in XR, with the aim of demonstrating that working in XR for specific text related tasks can be useful. To achieve this we will need to develop interactions to test this proposition.

A consequence of this is that the data needs to be the actual user’s data, easily accessible in XR after a setup no more complicated than any other digital set-up.

This will come after an initial demonstration of data of a similar type, for which we will be using the ACM Digital Library.

Initial Data

Plain PDF documents, PDF documents augmented with Visual-Meta as well as environmental and Library (XR) data.

Project Goal

This project is to develop WebXR Software for interaction with PDF documents and Libraries to augment user’s understanding and to support robust dialog in academia*.

Associated Projects

The project is one of three aspects we are working on, where the other two are on Dialog (book, weekly Lab meetings and Symposium) and Metadata to augment PDFs, using the Visual-Meta approach.