This project is specifically focused on serving academic users who are dealing with academic papers who want to interact with them and view their information in richer ways than traditional displays can enable.

Academic reading is purposeful reading* where the user has a specific intention in mind, it is different from reading a story where the aim is to be entertained or news where the aim is to be informed (while still staying critical of the presentation).

We are studying how the user can best get what they need from a single paper or collection of papers.

Single Paper Interactions

We aim to support reading styles such as the three pass approach* in order to support the user:

  • Scan. The first pass is a quick scan to get a bird’s-eye view of the paper.
  • Read. In the second pass, read the paper with greater care, but ignore details such as proofs. It helps to jot down the key points, or to make comments in the margins, as you read.
  • Re-Implement. To fully understand a paper, particularly if you are re-viewer, requires a third pass. The key to the third pass is to attempt to virtually re-implement the paper: that is, making the same assumptions as the authors, re-create the work.

Collections/Library Interactions

Further we aim to assist the user doing Literature Reviews on large collections of papers by augmenting how they can see connections and relationships.

User Stories

We are gathering together User Stories to inspire our thinking and development.

Future Possibilites