Library Interactions

This is to support the Use Case and is in conjunction with Document Interactions. The Library is the same as the user’s Library on traditional systems, linked to the user’s headset. The interactions are to specifically support the needs to Find, See Connections and to open documents.

Find & Seeing Connections

  • Open. Listing for the user to open a known document quickly, including previously opened document on their traditional computer.
  • Listing by metadata in different ways (author, title, date {timeline}, entity etc.)
  • Seeing connections in space through layout (Spatial Hypertext) and lines (by selected documents or all)
  • Rich views. The views should include lists, timelines and graph views in 2D and 3D.
  • Change. Quickly and easily toggle between different views.
  • Find/Search for documents by different criteria.
  • Connected Library. Such views should be saveable, exportable and importable.


Annotating & Note Making

  • Marking a text by underlying passages, circling words, and starring important concepts
  • Producing notes about a text on a new text, including page numbers where information is found
  • Placing sticky notes on pages of a text and many times making comments on the note
  • Creating a unique index in the front matter of a text to personalize keywords and make information easy to locate
  • Cutting and pasting information from one text to another



  • Further contexts and views.