Citation Block

XR Notes Citation Text Block: For testing readability, we have a block of citations displayed on plain background. You can swipe the text up/down with an extended palm gesture. The text block movement is restrained so it cannot be moved too high or low. Menu Sphere Interactions: You can now hold-press on the wrist sphere to… Continue reading Citation Block

Background Environment

Main Interactions View background environment. XR No code specific for this experience. Became code for next exploration. Findings/Next Steps We found that a simple grey background environment without a floor suited the work best.

Spherical Open Document

Main Interaction Turn head to view an open document on a curve/spherical. XR Finding/Next Steps Need to test simpler presentations with no curve as well.

PDF in VR with initial Gestures

Main Interaction Pinch to grab and manipulate. XR Specific videos for specific gestures Finding/Next Steps Too much freedom of movement. We need to experiment to find the right interactions for someone reading one or more documents in this environment.