Setup Guide (Quest 2)


This is a brief guide to setting up a new Quest 2 Headset. Please put your headset on and make sure you have a comfortable fit. If it is not charged enough, you can plug an ordinary USB-C cable into it.


Here is a video introduction of the steps outlined below:

Battery Strap

You may first want to put the added battery strap onto the headset, it is not just for more battery power but it also balances the headset on your head better. You do this by unclasping the headband from the display unit. 

A 2 min video for how to do this is here: 

Turn On The Quest

To turn it on, tap the button on the right hand side, towards the front, for two seconds. You can change the sound volume at the underside of the device.

Hand Controller Basics

We suggest you use the two controllers in the beginning, where you really only need to point and click the trigger (where your pointing finger will naturally rest). 

The oculus button, the flat ‘o’ on the right, reachable by your right thumb, is what you will need to click to exit an experience/app. Just click it and then you’ll get a menu question asking if you’d like to quit. If you click and hold this button you will re-center the view to where you are aming. 

Create a ‘Guardian’ Area

You will need to assign what they call a ‘Guardian’ which will be your safe movement area when you use the headset.

The way ‘passthrough’ video of your physical room appears when you get close to the edge of your workspace is definitely one of the impressive core aspects of the device. 

BTW, a new feature is that as you indicate the boundary of the room, the Quest automatically figures out if there are any objects in the middle of your ‘play’ area, and treats them as obstructions. Quite impressive.

Log in with Facebook

On first using the device you will need to enter or create a Facebook account at some point.


You will then enter a lobby/general area where you will have a sheet in front of you from which you can choose which apps to run.

Please open the Web Browser (just called ‘Browser’) and enter this address:

Fabien made you this 1 min video on this for you: