Chat : 24 June 2022

Video :

16:11:03 From Peter Wasilko : Much better I have your video now.
16:11:10 From Frode Hegland : cool
16:20:36 From Mark Anderson : From the Noda Discord channel
16:21:22 From Mark Anderson : Usual disclaimer, it’s just an app , etc.. But interesting to se the use of the VR as the substrate for discussion.
16:30:09 From Frode Hegland : having more walls changes what walls are. calendar if there by default, not something to add on a laptop
16:30:51 From Peter Wasilko : Death in Paradise has the best murder wall sketches!
16:32:18 From Peter Wasilko : I need more walls for book cases.
16:32:54 From Peter Wasilko : People with open plans aren’t book collectors.
16:35:13 From Peter Wasilko : Just think in 20 years some grad student will be doing a Ph.D. about our group.
16:35:20 From Frode Hegland : hope so Peter!
16:37:45 From Frode Hegland : student history room! Timeline etc.!!!..
16:38:30 From Mark Anderson : Author I mentioned was Hannu Rajeniemi. I think the book was ‘The Fractal Prince’
16:48:20 From Brandel Zachernuk : did people watch this? I loved it:
16:48:32 From Brandel Zachernuk : How much control should we be delegating to our computers? | Afika Nyati | TEDxMIT
16:48:58 From Frode Hegland : On addressability and linking. Apple ‘should’ advocate for time in VR along with location for addressing. For example, if someone develops a Tudor learning adventure, it should be accessible via time, not just ‘app store’…
17:02:17 From Brandel Zachernuk : 17dmm = 1º

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