Chat Log 7 August 2023



16:28:56 From Peter Wasilko : Here is a really cool piece of kit (a phone booth side volumetric display for telepresence), but since there is no price attached it must be more than anyone could afford for home use:
16:31:09 From Peter Wasilko : But there is a 21” model for around $ 7K:
16:48:37 From Peter Wasilko : Can we have the ISBN for the text?
16:50:21 From Peter Wasilko : I could use cites for both volumes if possible.
16:51:23 From Frode Hegland : 0-89391-672-2
16:52:04 From Peter Wasilko : Thanks so much! Do we have an ISBN for the other volume in the set?
16:52:14 From Frode Hegland : Not here sorry
16:53:16 From Peter Wasilko : @Mark, can you key in the ISBN for the first volume?
17:00:32 From Mark Anderson : Hypertext 1 ISBN 1-871516-02-1
17:00:51 From Peter Wasilko : @Mark, thanks so much!
17:05:37 From Frode Hegland : Slippery nodes and rough and so on. Heavy. macOS 8 menu… early music Hana…. Editing harder than creating.
17:08:22 From Mark Anderson : @Frode, ever discovered where the hypertext in MW Windows Help came from?
17:09:00 From Frode Hegland : Apple Pencil needs to be in VR and I ‘know’ they are/should be testing it, including haptics…
17:10:58 From Frode Hegland : @mark not but listed it, should check!
17:13:30 From Mark Anderson : I’ve a sort of feeling there is an (unofficial) link to OWL. OWL commercialised GUIDE.
17:14:45 From Frode Hegland : Socrates!
17:14:55 From Frode Hegland : Socratext!
17:38:16 From Mark Anderson : Most info/knowledge systems massively prioritise ingest over output (sharing).
17:38:22 From Frode Hegland : Reacted to “Most info/knowledge …” with 👍
17:38:52 From Peter Wasilko : And organizational support is often rather dodgy.
17:39:00 From Frode Hegland : Reacted to “And organizational s…” with 👍
17:39:04 From Mark Anderson : Reacted to “And organizational s…” with 👍🏻
17:39:06 From Peter Wasilko : Reacted to “Most info/knowledge …” with 👍
17:43:29 From Frode Hegland : Spatial with room, people sitting on a wall. Dr Who. Fx
17:47:06 From Peter Wasilko : Sentences like “this is inspired by X” would be good candidates for an “Island Grammar” treatment!
17:49:38 From Peter Wasilko :
17:50:53 From Frode Hegland : Golgi stain!
17:57:23 From Frode Hegland : Tools for thought as bucket or as presentation to better understand? ‘Intentional’. BTW, iPad display mode please Brandel, better than iPhone!

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