Chat : 8 April 2022

16:03:06 From Peter Wasilko :
16:10:11 From Fabien Benetou : Could be useful on layout in 3D and thus VR
16:15:58 From Mark Anderson : Making this (lapsed) botanist happy!
16:18:15 From Adam Wern : It was Brandel first (~ present your docs at the meeting) then I (~ give us something visual!)
16:20:39 From Peter Wasilko : Typographic note, there is a bespoke font called Library Hand perfect for index cards:
16:20:39 From Mark Anderson : Current s/w at Linnean soc is ePrints – originally designed for academic paper repositories. Chris S was one of the ePrints devs.
16:24:13 From Mark Anderson : ISTM: this initial unpack is a VR form of what we think of in textual docs as a table of contents. Trite observation but worth making this structural link
16:29:30 From Peter Wasilko : also see and
16:29:48 From Mark Anderson : Cynefin network, interview at a TED talk:
16:29:52 From Brandel Zachernuk : There’s a lot more that can be done with the corpus, this representation is not super interesting:
16:30:21 From Mark Anderson : FWIW the name Cynefin is Welsh and its literal translation is ‘place of our multiple habitats or belongings’
16:32:22 From Mark Anderson : I’d would be interesting to find which org(s) hold the current ‘truth’ of what Linneus started. The interlink of original and current state of objects (e.g. species) will be useful.
16:34:45 From Mark Anderson : Original terminology for the cards was, I believe, slips (as text written on slips (offcuts of expensive paper). It’s a nice term.
16:36:47 From Frode Hegland :
16:38:20 From Peter Wasilko : 978-0-19-993141-5
16:38:41 From Fabien Benetou : can you please show the page Adam then
16:40:49 From Mark Anderson : Also (only in French) I have a repo for Otlet’s “Le livre sur le livre”:
16:41:06 From Fabien Benetou : belive it’s somewhere on my bookshelf
16:42:43 From Mark Anderson : Can’t find my copy aTM or would show. It also got translated in a Wikibooks project (can’t find but ask if interested – included some as an annex in my thesis in case the web suff disappears.
16:43:05 From Fabien Benetou : my bad, was thinking of
16:43:23 From Fabien Benetou : my bad about about my bad, is
16:44:15 From Mark Anderson : Aha:é_de_documentation
16:44:59 From Peter Wasilko :
16:46:38 From Fabien Benetou : phylogenetical analysis
16:46:45 From Peter Wasilko :
16:46:55 From Frode Hegland : “phylogenetical analysis” indee
16:46:57 From Frode Hegland : indeed
16:47:03 From Peter Wasilko :
16:47:21 From Peter Wasilko : There are links to videos of two relevant society talks!
16:47:48 From Fabien Benetou : learning how to build these
16:49:18 From Peter Wasilko : Multi-Modal would be optimal, grab or click and item then type to express what you want done with it; then enter a query to update a new visualization, and grab an item in it.
16:49:29 From Peter Wasilko : *or click an item
16:50:20 From Frode Hegland : (save and share view spec plus address)
16:51:15 From Peter Wasilko : Exactly!
16:52:03 From Mark Anderson : Intelligent design?
16:53:53 From Fabien Benetou : based on WikiData, I’ll try to find the URL back
16:54:07 From Fabien Benetou : pointing it to the WikiData on Lineus should work quite well
16:54:23 From Mark Anderson : Feels like the map in 5th Element where LeeLou is finding planet Flosten Paradise “dot…, dot…”
16:54:31 From Frode Hegland : yes!
16:55:44 From Peter Wasilko : Anyone else want to negotiate?
16:58:43 From Peter Wasilko : There is a architecture book on Bond Villains digs.
16:59:01 From Mark Anderson : 🙂
16:59:19 From Peter Wasilko :
17:03:24 From Peter Wasilko : It is time for me to head out. I don’t want to keep Mom waiting.
17:03:29 From Peter Wasilko : Have a great weekend.
17:06:49 From Fabien Benetou : kind of still works but WikiData data ontology changed quite a bit since so I should do some additional filtering.
17:12:41 From Frode Hegland : Can we make this toggle in to type text?
17:13:28 From Mark Anderson : So, co-presence in a different way.
17:16:55 From Fabien Benetou : Hello XR I believe
17:17:09 From Fabien Benetou :
17:21:17 From Mark Anderson : I wrote up my experiment in Noda in case it is of use:
17:24:10 From Adam Wern : A Timelapse of Linnean Slips appearing in larger pattern
17:27:17 From Frode Hegland : atoms, as presented by
17:32:11 From Fabien Benetou :
17:37:03 From Brandel Zachernuk : Reminiscent of the development of the periodic table as a scientific artifact in itself, distinct from all of its contents
17:38:35 From Frode Hegland : Liquid style to change where you are. Zoom to whose presentation?
17:43:42 From Frode Hegland :
17:44:50 From Frode Hegland : and
17:56:08 From Brandel Zachernuk : The small/far away issue is something that nearly no-one has a good way of explaining – this is the least-worst framing so far:
17:56:37 From Mark Anderson : Thanks. I certainly don’t have an answer .
17:57:06 From Mark Anderson : Though … Father Ted had some sense of it.
17:57:17 From Frode Hegland : tell me more Mark!
17:57:43 From Mark Anderson :
17:57:59 From Frode Hegland : perfect Mark
18:01:58 From Mark Anderson : ‘Lapsed’ as in a did a BSc in botany back in ‘81. In a previous *century* 😮

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