Chat : 1 August 2022


16:13:09 From Mark Anderson : Here’s the PDF Bob made (notes about a meeting here)
16:14:55 From Mark Anderson : Sadly this Friday I have to go a be ‘+1′ at an event so likely may not be back for the FoT meet.
16:15:07 From Frode Hegland : oh…
16:21:01 From Peter Wasilko :
16:21:28 From Peter Wasilko :
16:21:46 From Frode Hegland : can you comment on what the links are about Peter, for the record?
16:23:23 From Frode Hegland : Alan, talking about having our record of our meetings and Fabien showed some interesting AR/VR aspects
16:24:17 From Peter Wasilko :
16:25:59 From Fabien Benetou : a non VR yet spatial way to meet , self hostable. I didn’t try but made me think it could also integrated WebXR, namely that you have 2D as basis then optionally 3D or VR for those who wants to.
16:31:05 From Fabien Benetou : photogrametry
16:31:13 From Frode Hegland : right
16:33:59 From Mark Anderson : New term to me, so in case new to others too.
16:34:31 From Fabien Benetou : There are some Hubs example with streaming resulting models
16:37:38 From Mark Anderson : I think I find external work requires more effort to concentrate (trying to avoid situational awareness of inputs not germane to the work/discussion at hand). But, I suspect the degree of affect of being outside is very individual so doesn’t generalise well. (Not a fixed view, just conjecture).
16:39:43 From Frode Hegland : Or medals, like the military and athletes yes
16:41:21 From Mark Anderson : “What was significant in the meeting though that is (unintentionally) an opinionated or editorialised assessment. At least for a general marker, though individuals can of course mark/record their own points of significance. Again ISTM the problem is how these markers generalise.
16:44:10 From Frode Hegland : the heart is quite accesisble to add
16:44:29 From Frode Hegland : so we could use it for ‘this is interesting’ and then visually parse for it later
16:46:33 From Frode Hegland : ‘norwegian invention’ is that what you mean Brandel?
16:47:12 From Brandel Zachernuk : I haven’t heard that phrase before! Is that a specific term in Norway for faking things?
16:52:14 From Frode Hegland : the paper clip is apparently a norwegian invention 🙂
16:53:30 From Peter Wasilko : Here is a fun blast from the past:
16:55:26 From Frode Hegland : have to step away for a min, sorry, right back….
16:57:26 From Peter Wasilko :
16:57:53 From Frode Hegland : back
16:59:49 From Frode Hegland To alanlaidlaw(privately) : Alan, you there?
17:01:39 From Frode Hegland : to repeat, because I got stuck in town with low battery, I might have sudden connection loss!
17:03:12 From Frode Hegland : Yes, how to get the data in! Excell is of course a great step forward!
17:05:14 From Peter Wasilko : This piece just surfaced:
17:06:30 From Fabien Benetou : FWIW but not convinced it’s a tooling problem or being comfortable with numeric data, so data literacy
17:07:15 From Peter Wasilko :
17:12:17 From Frode Hegland : ops, my connection is bad
17:12:23 From Fabien Benetou : quite feasible assuming you copy and paste in software you can customize, e.g Firefox extension and vim to paste to (this way you can add the URL as soruce as a comment in the right target language)
17:13:21 From Frode Hegland : looks like I only have about 15 mins left of battery. Sorry
17:15:05 From Peter Wasilko :
17:15:32 From Frode Hegland : i did a colour thing for glossary. not useful!
17:16:48 From Peter Wasilko :
17:17:08 From Frode Hegland : Please write what the links are about Peter, to make them more useful later 🙂
17:18:15 From Peter Wasilko :
17:18:21 From Frode Hegland : Peter….
17:18:51 From Mark Anderson : I wish we had a meaningful renaissance of ‘viewspecs’ or a new terms for the same. The lack of such impoverishes much discussion of visualising things.
17:18:59 From Peter Wasilko : The last set of links are to The International Provenance and Annotation Workshop (IPAW) is a biannual workshop that is concerned with issues of data provenance, data derivation, and data annotation.
17:20:02 From Mark Anderson : ^^ Thanks
17:20:19 From Fabien Benetou : (Peter: thanks for these links, a lot to explore)
17:20:23 From Peter Wasilko : The embarrassment of riches link was a discussion of Personal Knowledge Management.
17:21:29 From alanlaidlaw To Frode Hegland(privately) : I must jump in a moment. thanks all
17:21:40 From Frode Hegland To alanlaidlaw(privately) : good to almost see you
17:21:47 From Frode Hegland To alanlaidlaw(privately) : this is direct message though!
17:21:53 From alanlaidlaw To Frode Hegland(privately) : 😆
17:21:55 From Frode Hegland : Later Alan 🙂
17:21:56 From alanlaidlaw To Frode Hegland(privately) : blast
17:22:21 From Frode Hegland : yes, makes so much sense. Different rooms for different purposes but also a ‘command center’ room right?
17:22:25 From alanlaidlaw To Frode Hegland(privately) : zoom UI – whenever you text me, it default the scope of my response to you. it is awful
17:23:27 From Peter Wasilko : Imagine if when you touched a book’s spine in the room the spines of works cited in it were illuminated by hidden lasers.
17:24:11 From Frode Hegland : yes, but lasers are actually quite intrusive it turns out. I feel
17:24:38 From Mark Anderson : Spreadsheets have lots of inputs, but all lacking a scrubber control for exploring the data.
17:26:16 From Peter Wasilko : There could also be a Spread metric based on how many subject areas a word cites, so a work solely rooted in a single discipline would have a spread of zero, but it cited into history, politics, maths, and art it would have a spread of 4
17:26:32 From Peter Wasilko : *if it cited
17:27:34 From Peter Wasilko : We could also pick two topics and get a shortest path of works that connect them.
17:30:01 From Frode Hegland : How about all the Hypertext papers in VR view, based on mural and citations, we should play with this…

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