Basic Recording

I am in Author, I choose to ‘Record’.

While recording, I can choose to ‘Insert a Key Moment’ through choosing from a new or cmd-[ and the the recording is marked for that point and the characters [] are entered at the cursor position (to indicate a window which can be expanded).

Any time later I can click on this and it opens into a dialog where the transcribed text is shown, including 15 seconds before I clicked the button and 1 min after. I then choose the in and out points and ‘OK’.

And here is the neat thing, this acts as stretch text when in regular view: I can trim what transcribed text is to be shown, by moving the [ and the ] on the page.

When double clicking the text in the regular document view, I get the full edit window where I can edit the text, including selecting sections and then clicking on a person’s name (shown in a button at the bottom of the dialog, built up over time, easy to add by clicking a + button) and so on to tag who said what, if I choose.

The recording is also uploaded to YouTube automatically after each section (with a card image, since YouTube does not accept audio only), with the system knowing the URL to the recording.

On export the [] is turned into “quotes” with a URL to the YouTube audio section right after.

There will also be a dialog for searching all recordings, this might be in the Journal or a new space called ‘Recordings’ where the user can interact with the recording transcript like a normal Author document to get all the search and view capabilities.

Doug thought it important to always have all the affordances in every view. How audio and text will be shown is an issue to be worked on.

  • The primary use for this is initially to capture useful moments at the time.
  • Secondary use will be to go through the recording later for keywords etc. I can imagine though, in the ‘Recordings’ view, that there is a play bar at the top of the screen, over the transcribed text, where the user can set if it’s only one session or all of them or a data range.


  • If I forget to record, and there is 5 min with no speaking, the system stops recording.
  • The recordings are kept outside the document, in a clearly marked folder in the Author documents folder.

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