Chat : 29 July 2022


16:17:45 From Brandel Zachernuk : ELK is “Eliciting Latent Knowledge” –
16:24:44 From Brandel Zachernuk :
16:25:21 From Frode Hegland : Thanks Brandel
16:26:46 From Frode Hegland : Alexander Hamilton’s opening remarks in The Federalist Papers†; “It has been frequently remarked that it seems to have been reserved to the people of this country, by their conduct and example, to decide the important question, whether societies of men are really capable or not of establishing good government from reflection and choice, or whether they are forever destined to depend for their political constitutions on accident and force.”
16:26:51 From Frode Hegland : Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay wrote the papers in defence of building a new type of democratic government structure. I think we can easily re-imagine this as a question of, at this point in history of our information becoming every more digital, whether we develop the technologies and associated social mechanics for reflection to inform choice, or will accounts of history and the force of the pressure of commerce to develop systems which have only their financial return on investment as their evolutionary driver?
16:26:57 From Frode Hegland : Governance is not only what politicians and bureaucrats do, as the humble steam pressure contraption which spun faster when there was more pressure but by so doing extended its ‘arms’ thus increasing the centrifugal force, illustrates, since it was called a ‘governor’. We govern ourselves, at every level. Will we be able to govern how we go about building the infrastructures through which we think, work and communicate? Or will this be done for us?
16:38:29 From Frode Hegland :
16:40:16 From alanlaidlaw : “a tool for thoughtful writing” makes me smile
16:40:27 From alanlaidlaw : simliar to IA Writer
16:44:19 From Frode Hegland : Economist ads:
16:44:33 From Frode Hegland : basically if you dont read it you wont’ go far
16:45:58 From Frode Hegland : this was so beautiful and powerful to me (I think it was actually based on Michael Tcao’s pitch for Newton to Sculley). But this does not fire people who are not info-think mad like us
16:46:28 From Frode Hegland : “Industrial Revelation”
16:46:35 From Frode Hegland : what do you think about it Brandel?
17:04:38 From Brandel Zachernuk : we are entering a whole new era the
decade of positive change around the
world organizations have realized that
you cannot intimidate human beings into
productivity the key is to let people do
what they do best whatever way works
best for them at the same time
fundamental principles of mass
production give ordinary people access
to powerful technology that which was
affordable to the fumé becomes available
to the many mass production becomes mass
productivity the Industrial Revolution
meets the Eid of enlightenment the walls
have come down opportunity has gone up
and your only limits will be the size of
your ideas
and the degree of your dedication people
this is an exciting time to be alive
17:05:13 From Frode Hegland : yes, beautiful right?! 🙂
17:07:29 From Frode Hegland : “…the age of enlightenment…”
17:07:38 From Frode Hegland : ‘audit’ yes, that’s a good angle
17:08:12 From Frode Hegland : your only limits will be the size of your ideas and the degree of your dedication
17:09:44 From Frode Hegland : yes indeed. data mobility is a very important thing
17:10:42 From Frode Hegland : 🙂
17:20:21 From Frode Hegland : Ted Nelson style!
17:28:24 From Frode Hegland : back to basics. back to not too much noise
17:30:40 From alanlaidlaw : wait, I was calling “bob” Bob. please tell me Bob’s name is Bob.
17:30:59 From alanlaidlaw : not Bruce, for example
17:31:01 From Frode Hegland : Bob Horn yes
17:31:16 From alanlaidlaw : whew
17:31:27 From Frode Hegland : junkn?! 🙂
17:31:39 From Frode Hegland : information is that which is useful to someone in some way at some point
17:31:48 From Frode Hegland : we can’t always know what is information and what is junk ahead of time
17:43:02 From alanlaidlaw : bad wifi, sporry
17:46:03 From Frode Hegland : in terms of rules, I guess the ‘ideal’ would be a fantastic computer game type environment for information views and connections which are clear, but we can always, Matrix style, exit the system to change the rules. Make sense?
18:02:36 From alanlaidlaw :
18:04:17 From alanlaidlaw :
18:12:10 From Frode Hegland : not deleted as in completely lost no

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