Chat : 19 August 2022


16:06:43 From Frode Hegland :
16:07:14 From Frode Hegland : !! we talk about timecode
16:09:21 From Frode Hegland :
16:09:46 From Frode Hegland :
16:12:10 From Frode Hegland : same logic for graphs and charts:
16:15:38 From Frode Hegland : !! Brandel and Jim we are briefly looking at image maps
16:15:45 From Peter Wasilko : CGP Grey has a great video on the advantage of Metric Paper which can be folded in half recursively without changing its aspect ratio::
16:16:10 From Frode Hegland : Also, add !! to any comment if you want it highlighted in the youtube comments as a link to place in video
16:19:18 From Peter Wasilko :
16:20:58 From Mark Anderson : !! I like the idea Peter’s describing especially communicating from the VR agent to the ‘image’ as opposed to the other direction.
16:21:32 From Fabien Benetou : PDF is precisely made NOT for interactions.
16:21:48 From Mark Anderson : 🙂
16:22:44 From Frode Hegland : The reason to use HTML is that the SVG may not be accessible as flat PDF. Meaning can go into the alt tag and this is then easy to create. pixel or % should work
16:23:31 From Mark Anderson : Here’s the image map as in the HTML5 (i.e. web current) spec
16:23:32 From Frode Hegland :
16:23:39 From Mark Anderson :
16:24:22 From Fabien Benetou : !! have few disparate little demos to show
16:26:34 From Peter Wasilko : Does anyone remember the automatic layout engines from back when Java Apps and Swing UI’s were a new thing?
16:27:16 From Peter Wasilko : Could they be generalized to 3-D?
16:29:14 From Mark Anderson : Slightly aside but might be of use to some here: Quarto. Main page , grr, defaults to sign-up. but see here:
16:30:10 From Mark Anderson : Ironic as it’t’s free. AFAICT it is a web service built atop the wonderful pandoc.
16:31:56 From Mark Anderson : Aids things like write in HTML or Markdown and ‘just’ publish to word, or LaTeX/PDF, etc. IOW, a useful surface to those quite reasonably not wanting to type mystery codes in the command line.
16:33:23 From Peter Wasilko :
16:34:06 From Frode Hegland : !! how to have mural in document in VR
16:35:38 From Mark Anderson : Ah, needed an extra ‘/‘:
16:36:58 From Brandel Zachernuk : another interesting example of procedural 3D, defined by these spatial constraints is this architecture startup:
16:37:12 From Peter Wasilko : oops
16:40:54 From Peter Wasilko : Oh Monday I’ll be participating in a virtual legal technology conference so I probably won’t be able to make it.
16:43:58 From Mark Anderson : !! be aware than many users will read in non-Visual-Meta capable agents.
16:45:08 From Mark Anderson : @ brandell and anyone else in after start, the !! starting some comments are new hook for parsing video timecode crosslinks
16:48:11 From Frode Hegland : How does that relate to the scenario Mark?
16:48:13 From Brandel Zachernuk : oh brilliant, thank you
16:53:04 From Mark Anderson : !! Issues of what is new vs old, 2d vs 3D can go elsewhere in a separate doc. This leaves how to hint what the scenario is looking at.
16:54:44 From Mark Anderson : !! with a degree of reticence due to holding to old norms, I’m coming round to embracing inline bolding for the reason Bob’s raised.
17:01:28 From Brandel Zachernuk : I have to leave in a minute for ~30 mins but can return after that
17:05:33 From Frode Hegland : this is what we already have:
17:07:52 From Peter Wasilko : @Frode, Did you see the email I sent you before vis-a-vis Author’s concept map UI?
17:14:46 From Frode Hegland To Fabien Benetou(privately) : I think we are as far on this as we can be. Want to present now?
17:16:40 From Frode Hegland : !! Fabien showing
17:29:28 From Frode Hegland : are these find places etc. libraries/code available to put in to Author?…
17:33:20 From Mark Anderson : !! cascading NLP!
17:34:51 From Mark Anderson : I think this is the library Fabien’s been showing
17:35:23 From Mark Anderson :
17:35:41 From Mark Anderson : !! ^^ latter onscreen now.
17:36:01 From Frode Hegland : !!
17:36:33 From Frode Hegland : lines without the exclamation points won’t be shown
17:37:09 From Mark Anderson : Thank – got it. Will do better 🙂
17:37:23 From Frode Hegland : not exactly the best system but that’s it for now…
17:37:55 From Mark Anderson : Still good! No complaints here.
17:43:49 From Peter Wasilko : Do you have a link to that book?
17:46:17 From Mark Anderson : @ Peter sorry its a UK URL but
17:46:25 From Mark Anderson : Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design
17:46:33 From Brandel Zachernuk :
17:57:03 From Peter Wasilko : Thanks for the links.
17:57:11 From Mark Anderson : Sorry, I have to drop off.
17:58:35 From Brandel Zachernuk : I’ll have to drop now too – I look forward to reading the document!

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